Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to questions about our services, here are several frequently asked questions

  • Why Cuberk?

    Cuberk is driven by 3 core values - Security, Quality and Reliability

    We has a technically sound advanced team to penetrate into any type of Application or Software. We follows all best practices and industry standards to ensure that the application is tested from all aspects. Our testing methodology and hybrid testing approach make us unique. Plus, our expert team assists customers in rectifying faults and providing a one-point solution.

    Apart from all these technical things we believe in a long-term relationship with our customers and maintaining trust is in our core culture.

  • We always do our work with the business operations in mind. We always strive to minimize the risk of disrupting business operations.
    During pen-testing activities, we always analyze the behavior of the application and modify our testing strategy accordingly so that we do not directly impact your production environment.
    We always do business disturbance related test cases with the approval of the customer and at the time suggested by our customer.

  • Our prices are based on two things: the dynamic content of the application and the number of user roles.
    Additionally, we have some special offers for customers who are interested in long-term Pentest engagement.
    To get an accurate price quotation, please fill out this form.

  • It totally depends on the size and scope of the project.
    However, approximately, we can complete testing 100 dynamic pages with reports in 10 days.

  • Steps involved in pentest:
    1.  Requirement gathering and assessment scope agreement
    2.  Our technical team will engage with you to get an understanding of in-scope applications by scheduling a walkthrough. (Optional)
    3.  Our expert team will start penetration testing
    4.  We will provide you a professional report in PDF format.
    5.  If required, our team will guide you to mitigate the vulnerabilities.
    6.  Our team will conduct follow-up testing to ensure that the remediation actions have been effective.
    7.  On successful completion of VAPT exercise, our team will issue a certificate of completion to the client.
  • Of course. If your application is remotely accessible, we can do the entire activity remotely. But in some cases, a VPN is required.
    In case of internal network scanning, it is better to perform exercises on site.