Vulnerability Chaining | RCE

Remote Command Execution in a Bank Server

by Bipin Jitiya | on Nov 18, 2022

A detailed article on how I exploited Remote Command Execution (RCE) with the help of the Vulnerability Chain. Hello, World! ❤️ Welcome to my blog post. In this blog post, I will explain in depth how I exploited RCE in a highly reputed non-Indian banking website with the help of…

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Code Review | rXSS

Simple story of some complicated XSS on Facebook

by Bipin Jitiya | on Jun 21, 2020

How did I found multiple reflected cross-site scripting (rXSS) vulnerabilities on Facebook — Hello, World! ❤️ Welcome to my another blog post. I hope you all are doing well and safe. This post is about the reflected cross-site scripting (rXSS) vulnerabilities I found on Facebook…

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Code Review | SSRF

SSRF vulnerability in Facebook production server - Exploit Details

by Bipin Jitiya | on May 31, 2020

Detailed story on how did we discovered Server-Side Request Forgery in a Facebook production server and leaked some internal data — Hello World ❤️, Facebook is the largest social networking site in the world and one of the most widely used. I have always been interested in testing…

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