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Bipin Jitiya


Bipin Jitiya  is a highly reliable and experienced IT security professional and entrepreneur. As the founder and CEO of Cuberk Solutions, a leading provider of IT security services, Bipin has a strong background in information technology and cybersecurity. With over four years of experience in the field, he has held various roles in the industry, including serving as a manager in professional services and a security analyst. Bipin has also been recognized for finding and responsibly reporting vulnerabilities on several websites, including Facebook and the European Union Computer Emergency Response Team.

As the leader of Cuberk Solutions, Bipin is responsible for managing business operations and working with global IT security leaders to help businesses secure their IT assets. He is a strategic thinker with a strong track record of developing and implementing successful IT security solutions.

Bipin is committed to ensuring the safety and security of his clients' online presence. His wealth of knowledge and experience make him a trusted and reliable resource for businesses seeking expert guidance in the field of IT security.