About Us

Cuberk Solutions Private Limited is an advanced information security company. We help our customers solve core security issues and secure their IT infrastructure. We offer a wide range of security solutions including penetration testing, cloud assessment, secure code review, and OS hardening. We also provide training for penetration testing and secure development.

What makes us unique:

  • Our own proprietary methodology
  • Hybrid testing approach (automation and manual)
  • Research and deep understanding of vulnerabilities
  • A robust team of penetration testers
  • Professional reporting using Zener
  • Innovative ideas and leadership

Nowadays most of the businesses are driven by advanced technology, in the same way cyber threats have also increased dramatically in the last few years, and cyber criminals have many ways to breach organizations of any size. We specialize in always protecting your data under any circumstances. We know the value of time and money.

We use real-world manual hacking methods and techniques to secure your IT infrastructure. At the core, we identify and mitigate threats, risks and vulnerabilities, helping our customers easily manage leading edge technology that protects and defends data, networks and customer information.

Corporate Identification Number: U72900GJ2022PTC132451